Speed to Market

Speed to market matters.
We not only get it, we do it.

Consumers are driving a “need for speed” and want instant gratification. But why is it so often the case that speed to market means sh!t goes down? Or in retail displays, the wrong sh!t goes up? Does speed automatically mean mistakes or is there a way to get product displays into retail stores quickly and without error?

We guarantee that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

While the retail industry is headed toward a “real-time” supply chain, there is a tried and tested model that means retail displays and visual merchandising can keep up without compromising the quality. Speed to market does not have to mean you compromise.

Tips to Ensure Speed to Market + Quality

1. Compliance and real time reporting
Real time reporting means that VMs are able to photograph and update customers in real time of the installation. This means that in the instance of any issues, the fact that there is no time delay, all issues can be fixed on the spot.

2. Open communication between the client and vendor
Relationships are everything. Open and honest conversations around deliverables, expectations and results mean that there is no room of misunderstanding. With a clear brief, and hands on Project Manager.

3. Knowledge, experience and relationship with installation team on the ground
Having a solid professional installation team of Visual Merchandisers is vital for any national rollout that needs to happen quickly and correctly. Professionally trained installers equipped with all the required tools are necessary to install any national rollout.

4. National Coverage of Visual Merchandisers / Professional Installers
Flying one or two VMs across Australia and into regional parts of Australia is valuable time lost. We employ installers all across Australia. Many have been part of our team for 15 years.

5. Strong existing relationships in store
Existing and strong relationships between the existing store managers and our installers. We are not outsourcing our installation team. They know our retailers.

Speed to Market

Benefits for retailers who have efficient speed to market with no errors:

– You know you can react fast to market trends to gain more opportunities. Our crew currently install 200 displays in 24 hours.

– Stay one step ahead of the other direct competitors in the retail space.

– Deliver products to the market ahead of consumer expectations

What's Hot End Cap

End Cap
End Cap
End Cap

We were asked to install all point of sale for the What’s Hot Endcap primary position in the games department and Window in JB Hi-Fi.

This comprised of 198 end caps and 100 windows with banners, backing paper, logo-branded footer, window decals, assembling dummy boxes, loop DVD and executing according to an approved planogram.

With end to end management and a team of experienced, national installers we were able to achieve speed to market and tight installation time frames with no re-visits required. Rolled out nationally within 72 hours!


  • Rubbish is removed
  • Process is efficient
  • We pre-assemble components where possible
  • Walk point of sale in to store
  • We don’t cause the store stress
  • There is no disruption to your retail environment
  • Our expertise ensures a fast, clean installation

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