SpaceX has made history with their successful first human space launch. How great is it to hear of such a good news story amongst these crazy times!! We’ve been so inspired here at DID that we’ve done a little something about it

At a time when we are all longing for travel and the world to reopen, Elon Musk has defied the odds and found a way to send two men travelling! But in true Musk style, he sent the men beyond most people’s wildest #wanderlust dreams – he sent them to space!


On 18th June 2020 two American astronauts, Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley, launched from the Kennedy Space Centre on a mission to the International Space Station. This will mark the first time in nine years that American astronauts launched into space from American soil. What’s even more remarkable is they were not launched by NASA but by a private company, SpaceX.


Elon Musk has had big dreams of the colonisation of Mars for many years (that might be the best way to escape Covid-19 at this rate!), but frustrated with the slow pace at which it was happening, he founded SpaceX in 2002 to get things moving on his terms, and at his pace.  Traditionally, human spaceflight is incredibly difficult and expensive; prior to the SpaceX launch, only three countries – Russia, the United States and China – have achieved this feat.


To travel to Mars, Musk realised that spaceflights would first need to be made cheaper…you know, so the average billionaire could afford it and not just three of the world’s richest countries! 


His philosophy to make it affordable (we say this term loosely) was to devise a rocket system that could be used again and again with minimal refurbishment between flights. So, SpaceX designed, built and tested its Falcon series of rockets over the last ten years. It signed contracts with NASA to provide cargo services to the ISS and with other companies and the U.S. military to provide general launch services.  


To keep costs down, SpaceX was able to create rockets that can be reused, with the core stages flying their way back to Earth to land themselves.


SpaceX have made a point of defying traditional methods and innovating since their inception. There is no better example of this, than their testing models. While most rocket companies use something boring like a big metal or concrete block as a dummy load on the first test of a new rocket, SpaceX decided to send a $100K car instead. In February 2018, Musk sent his car into space on a heavy rocket and it still orbits the sun, two years after SpaceX launch. Hilarious! But also how great is this as a cross promotion of brands?


The purpose of this was to demonstrate that the Falcon heavy rocket works, and is capable of sending a decently sized payload into interplanetary space


Tourism in space SpaceX, is already signing up passengers for several-day trips to space at $35 million a seat (affordable right??). So until this type of rocket fits into your budget the team at DID have come up with something that will!


The ground crew at Double Impact Displays have designed, manufactured and launched our very own rocket! Designed to give parents hours and hours of free time while there children colour and play away from screens.


Check out our website shop to order your Rocket today.  Our colour in rocketship is the latest in our create a cubby series which was created to keep us employed through Covid-19.


Here’s Cheers to your week and positive thoughts for the ‘New Norm’ to be back and travelling on planes again soon!