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7 Days Until Christmas....Yikes!

Christmas Countdown
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With Christmas quickly approaching, getting your gift shopping done is increasingly important. Finding the right gift for that special someone is always a fun and exciting task, and supporting Australian retailers is even more important now than ever.

When you support Australian businesses, you are not only supporting the local economy and industry, you are also giving back to your local community in general. Studies show that shopping locally has major benefits for your local community

With bushfires raging over most of Australia’s east coast and beyond, buying local is crucial to the survival of some small businesses.

How Can I Support Farmers This Holiday Season?

Many rural businesses are suffering from extremely destructive bushfires this season, and many small businesses are taking a blow. However, there is a way you can help them out.

We recommend

On Facebook, the page shares new products and businesses every day, with items ranging from kids backpacks to gorgeous art prints to frame and put in your living room. All of the money you spend goes directly to the businesses, no cut is taken!

Paypal has also helped with the initiative, with an easy to navigate web page, so you can browse these products with ease.

Our Picks from Buy from the Bush:

The nsw gov site offers a tidy categorising of all the goodies you can buy from the bush. Our top picks are:

Wine and Beer

Stock up on regional wines, micro-brewed beers, distilled delights like rum and whiskey and unusual soft drinks that will add sparkle to your holiday celebrations.


Looking for pieces that have a certain individual style? You’ll find inspiration here with regional exclusives like made-to-order handcrafted leather accessories and beautiful clothes you and your friends will love.


From farm raised goat to home grown honey, NSW is home to growers and makers of fine produce that’s perfect for gifting. This where you’ll find meat, preserves, chocolates, and more, all packed to the brim with country flavour.

A Flood of Human Kindness:

Buy From The Bush was created to call on city friends to look to the bush for their Christmas shopping and by so doing, invest in keeping rural communities alive through the drought. Seven weeks later it had over 130,000 followers and had increased rural postage figures by 40%. 

Buy From the Bush aims to connect bush businesses with city customers and celebrates the creativity, productivity, innovation and resilience of rural communities. 

The investment from city customers has been transformative. Stock is selling out. Many creators and makers are developing new relationships with wholesalers and stockists. Rural Australia Post franchises are selling out of parcels due to the increased postage demand. Small businesses are paying casuals to support the increase in sales. Businesses have reported growing their social media following by more than 4000 in three weeks. In real terms, that is 4000 new potential customers in the long term. For many, Buy From The Bush has meant that they will keep their doors open for at least a little longer. For others, it means that they can pay their family’s household bills this month.

More than the financial investment, the psychological impact of city customers ‘buying in’ to these bush businesses at a time like this, is possibly the biggest success of the Buy From The Bush campaign. Shop owners have had teary and real conversations with customers over the phone. The connectedness between city and country has brought new hope and energy to many.

To quote one business owner: ‘when I look back at this drought, one thing I’ll remember most is the warm and fuzzy feelings this campaign has brought.’

Why Buy Local?

When you support Australian businesses, you are not only supporting the local economy and industry, you are also giving back to your local community in general. Studies show that shopping locally has major benefits for your local community. 

For example, when you spend $100 at a local business, on average 58% more of your money stays in your community compared to what would have happened if you spent that $100 at a multinational online retailer.

How Do I Know If I Am Buying Australian Products?

Research is always important when determining whether what you purchase is Australian made. Most Australian retailers have this information on their websites, like T2, which is owned and operated in Melbourne.

Not to forget Peter Alexander, an Australian-born fashion designer. 

The other way to tell is looking for the Australian Made logo on your product. This is required in some industries but is not always displayed on the item. Again, make sure to ask in-store, or look online for information.

Whatever your needs this Christmas, Australia has something for everyone.

Make sure and buy Australian when you are gift shopping!