Double Impact Displays have been in business and working in the retail industry for over 30 years. Our jam is bricks and mortar retail. We’ve been through and overcome some real doozies over the years, think the 1990s recession, the GFC, the rise of ecommerce and online shopping.

But nothing quite prepared us, or the world, for someone eating a bat…


In case our name didn’t give it away, Jen our MD is a total fangirl of Jean-Claude Van Damme. So when it seemed like overnight we went from talking about all the exciting projects in the pipeline for 2020, to almost all of Australia’s retailers closing down indefinitely, Jen started prepping us for a fight. And fight is what we did.

Also known in 2020 as PIVOT.


We’re not like other retail display companies. Our printers aren’t based offshore in a factory in China or India. We design and print all inhouse, here in our Northern Beaches warehouse. But to keep these big, fast and bloody expensive machines working, we need to keep them running and printing. They aren’t a flick off the switch and step back in later type of machinery. Ink will dry, heads will roll.

But we’ve got 15 awesome employees here in Sydney and a business that intended on surviving Covid-19. So Jen and the team came up with a plan to “pivot”. INSERT our Create A Cubby, or #CovidCubby if you like.


Designed, printed and shipped all from the Sydney headquarters of Double Impact Displays. We know that parents are pulling their hair out with homeschooling and entertaining kids at home. We also know that while devices are great, there is only so much time we can let our kids watch YouTube episodes of Peppa the Pig speaking in mandarin.

Create A Cubby has been designed by parents who want their kids to be able to get more creative and imaginative in their play. It’s 100% recyclable and printed on eco-friendly cardboard. To build and install is simple and no tools are required. No detail has been overlooked from numbers and letters to colour in (call it homeschooling if you like) and the tiny fairy door and even a real letter box!


We’ve had such positive feedback that the team are in the final stages of rolling out a rocket ship and a mini cubby…stay tuned!

In true DID style, we’ve turned this around in the shortest timeframe known to man and we couldn’t have done this without our expert team who are used to dealing with tight deadlines and delivering on time. We’ve had years of practice but it’s good to know we’ve still got it. The odd happy dance may have been had when we our online live!


We’ve mastered the art of a good pivot just in time. Because after the national cabinet’s announcement last week of a three-stage road map to the easing of lockdown restrictions and following on, the state governments detailing what this means, Australian Retailers are making a comeback. And just like all good Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, we know that after a solid fight, there is glory. We are so excited that the phones are ringing again and that retailers are planning their own comebacks and new installs for their bricks and mortar stores. We are proud that we are still here, with a full team, ready to see a rewrite of how 2020 ends.

So at Double Impact Displays, during Covid-19, we pivoted. And we did good. It’s only just the beginning of our Create a Cubby story and we will continue to print and stock these for as long as the Aussie kids demand them, but Oh Em Gee it’s good to be chatting with our retail partners again and getting back to our jam.

Check out our Create A Cubby.