Recycled Board
We used our Recyclable Board at a recent tradeshow: Back Display Stand Walls, Competition Box Plinth & Tables (just not the chair or TV...obvs!)

Know what is possible and how to double your impact with our DID Recyclable Board. The need for finding eco-friendly products and solutions with your pop up and retail displays has never been more apparent.  We have an environmental solution which will not compromise your design or display – in fact, the potential is almost limitless!

(c) Vivienne Westwood stores creatively using recycled board for window displays
Retail Display
Cost effective in store retail displays

DID Recyclable Board has replaced MDF, particle and foamed-core boards in the retail display sector. 

Perfect for your point of sale displays and stands, you can print on our board, laminate, paint, mitre cut and shape cut. We can fold, curve and fasten with any number of materials to ensure that your display is not only effective, it is environmentally friendly.

✅ Lightweight

✅ Easy to assemble

✅ Customisable

♻️ Made from recycled paper and sugar cane waste

♻️ 100% recyclable and repulpable

Because DID designs, builds and installs all in-house we can create you affordable and environmentally responsible retail displays.

Bridge plinth used to display (c) Nikon cameras
POS stand
Round plinths can be used for all retail display items