OH NO! Not another Coronavirus article we hear you say! 

Well, sort of, but not really. There is no doom and no gloom. It’s just some super helpful ideas on how we can all keep making an impact in business, even as shit goes down.

Here at DID, we are forging ahead and we are working closer than ever before with our clients (figuratively speaking of course – we are of course, adhering to the social distancing protocols). We are planning displays and campaigns for clients to not only continue rolling out in-store in this current market, but also into the future. 

That’s right! We are forging ahead into the future and we are designing, planning and building retail campaigns, post COVID-19. What is happening right now in the world is somewhat out of our hands, but just like the namesake for our business, Jean-Claude Van Damme, we are fighters and we want to help you fight too!

We are fighting back and doubling the impact given what’s going on around the world.

HOW can we all keep doubling the impact during this time?


What’s in a name? A name can tell you so much about a person. While the Susan’s and Karen’s out there are stocking up on toilet paper and hoarding away flour and pasta, here at DID we are channeling Double Impact the movie and Jean Claude’s fighting moves.  Double Impact Displays are going to kung-fu the sh*t out of whatever obstacles COVID-19 throws at us… that might be exaggerated as none of us here actually know how to karate chop anything, but you get the gist….we will work with you to find a solution that works!

Double Impact


That’s right! Each team member will be asked to choose a daily theme song. Whether they are out on the road, logging in from home or coming in to the office, we are all going to work to a different theme song each day.  Because who is NOT motivated by Feel The Impact (Jen’s choice obviously) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW31NTFUnbg


While we’ve had to postpone our regular team networking breakfasts and drinks, we are not ready to give up bonding over a wine (or two). Whether we are in the warehouse, the office, or at our home office, 5pm on Friday we will all say cheers with a raised glass on a Zoom conference and debrief the week. Together, as a team.


While no one knows exactly what the next few months will look like for retail, we do know that shops will stay open/reopen and customers will return. We are inviting all of our clients to have allocated video conferences with Jen and our team to plan for their upcoming campaigns. With quick turnarounds and no restrictions with international freight and quarantine, we can help clients map out a plan that is conservative yet achievable for the unknown months ahead. 


While we are still all hands on deck (hands with plenty of sanitiser), we understand that many of our clients, in particular our global clients, are working remotely from their homes. We are excited to let you know that we are technology friendly here at DID and are happy to communicate with you in whatever platform you prefer. 

In fact, we even found this list and wanted to share it with you. It’s a list compiled of all the excellent, amazing technology options out there for people who want to work remotely but still be actively communicating with their teams and suppliers. We will happily jump onto whatever your chosen online platform is (we’ll even receive messages by pigeon carrier if you like).

So, even though the world looks a little crazy out there, and Woollies might be out of mince meat, here at Double Impact Displays, we are doing our bit to help support our clients through this uncertain period. 

We’ve got the fighting spirit and it’s a little contagious, so we invite you to help spread some positive tips mentioned above, or jump on a call with us and we’ll share some more ideas we have for helping your business through this strange, strange time!!