Man’s Best Friend

Can he also help us at work?

Start draughting an email to the HR immediately! Having your dogs in the office not only reduce stress but also boost productivity in the workplace. 

According to Marie Jose Enders, who is an expert in human and animal relationships, office pets reduce cortisol levels in staff & help improve connections between colleagues.
Not only does your cortisol level drop when you stroke a dog, you also produce more hormone oxytocin which makes you feel more happy and relaxed.
Dogs put stressful situations into perspective and improve motivation levels within a company according to Ali Moore from news site Mamamia.
At Double Impact Displays our family dog Rosie comes to the office every day. Our team adore her along with clients who drop by and even delivery drivers can’t walk past our princess without a quick scratch and a pat! That’s confirmation for us that dogs bring so much love to the workplace.
Everyone adores our Rosie Girl, she makes us feel happy, and in turn she laps up the attention….a bit like her mum (lol!) 🙂