National Launch for Borderlands Gearbox Software game



Gamers are highly invested in the entire experience of any game release; our challenge was to instantly capture this interest and convert the sale thru the doors of JB HI FI visually.

To launch the national release of Borderlands 3 game to Xbox and pc gamers across Australian featuring window displays in 198 JB Hi Fi stores.



National Window designs that required design, manufacture and installation with a live compliance report on 198 retail windows.

10 flagship stores were given an increased budget for higher impact graphics.



Time frame to turn around the project was under 3 weeks including flagship store design and installation.



Fast turnaround, in-house capabilities meant we were not relying on another party to deliver any part of the campaign. We were able to print through the night and airfreight the POS over night gaining us 2 weeks production reduction.



For the flagship stores we created some theatre using black curtains as a backdrop to ensure the graphics were the hero piece to the story.  The graphic images were powerful and ideally suited for window display theatre featuring eye catching colours and interesting visuals from the game to hook in potential customers with one 3 second engagement.

Banners were printed on our flatbed UV printer and a life size digitally printed standee was created to become the hero piece of the display. With the addition of LED being mounted to the back of the standee we created the effect of lightning in the clouds for theatre.

Red Rose Graphics printed on self-adhesive vinyl were applied to the window perimeter and base of the window for depth and surround impact.

We incorporated a Smart TV previewing a live video loop of the content playing in the display.

The addition of a suspended cardboard header card featuring the game title ‘Borderlands3’ gave this display depth. We chose a multi-faceted approach to create depth and interest in the window.