Dyson is about innovation; the brief was to create an innovative solution to suit the JB Hi-Fi in store gondola system.

The system needed to be forward thinking to ensure it could sustain future innovation and range expansion while engaging and educating the customers.


The objective was a global shelf system that was modular and could be used in any store with any configuration and size whilst delivering Dyson’s premium customer experience.

A clean cord-free system that allows for a tactile customer experience.


The integration of panels on the JB gondola gives the space exclusively to Dyson and sets the floor care and environment care products apart from other products in a busy retail space.

The powder coated steel panel system was designed to fit 4 bays with the option to increase store real estate if needed. The functionality allows for Dyson products to be represented in store in a tactile environment, featuring a large campaign graphic and info cards that are interchangeable with the product

All fixtures also featured a video loop that educates the customer on the new products. Our National Field Team installed the Gondola solution and merchandised with compliance reports.


This system addresses a number of issues. Dyson were having to send skilled installers to update fixtures for every launch, spending time removing old products and removing old graphic panels.

1. A hidden slide mount mechanism allows future cord free dock size changes to be applied without the need for fixture reworks or drilling in stores at installation.

2. The dock mechanism also simplifies the process as the application does not require any tools or access into the fixture, which typically would require a qualified installer.

3. The panel system is globally designed to work on any of the base systems provided by JB and can work in any configuration and be split across bays if needed.

4. A remounted power board and removeable cover gives access to staff to demo products with ease.

All of these reduce time spent in store, the need to installer to  make updates (instead vm or field teams), cost for updating

The innovative elements of this design are that the system is designed to fit all mounting Doks for the cord free Dyson vacuums. The system can be adjusted up and down to suit new model Doks in the future. Created with flexibility in mind store staff can change the stock around saving the client money and quicker turnaround with planograms.


Skilfully designed and manufactured, the newly dressed Gondola and its innovative solution was well received with both Dyson and JB HiFi who gave overwhelming positive feedback on the design and functionality.

This has reduced cost for future upgrades by 67% with the ability for VM to update the fixture instead of technicians. It has reduced time in store by at least an hour per visit as the fixture can now be updated without removing old product to get behind panels. In terms of sales YOY have exceeded that of the previous model launch in 2018.