White vinyl decal

There are so many benefits and uses of vinyl decals.

We just love using decals to enhance retail installations in Australia for our clients.

They are so versatile and produce such effective displays.

Vinyl Decals
JB Hi-Fi: Bright, clear colourful decals used for engaging windows to promote Borderlands 3

What do customers notice most when they walk past a shop window?

Sometimes nothing!

Customers find it easy to ignore plain, boring basic store fronts, especially if said store is on a main street bustling with people. However, if a store has bright, colourful decal, they are more likely to check them out.

Not only does a well-designed window decal attract more customers, but they can entice customers to make purchases if they are used to produce copy along with amazing graphics.

Car Wrap Branding
Vehicle wrap for HD Projects – visually appealing car branding

Here are some ways that you can implement the use of vinyl window decals, and some benefits of putting them to use:

Applications and Uses:

  • Clear Decals: a great way to use your brand’s logo or name is with a clear, transparent decal. When implemented, this will place your marketing imagery on a window, while still being able to see what is inside the store. Not only does this allow for your name to be placed more times around the store, but also still lets customers get a glimpse of what they can buy

  • Opaque Decals: with opaque decals, the area not covered by your design is like a frosted window. It isn’t completely blacked out, but still blocks some view from inside and out.

  • Perforated Decals: this type of decal is like one you see on buses, where you can’t see into the store from outside, but the view is clear from inside. This would be great for full window advertisements or marketing material, while keeping the interior décor intact.


  • Pleasing to the eye: decals can help your storefront look even more pleasant, and brighten up the exterior of your shop, depending on what you design!

  • Cost effective and easily replaced: not only are vinyl stickers easy to replace and change out whenever you need to, they are also extremely cost effective over other methods of advertisement.

  • Make your brand stand out: your designs can be completely unique to you, making it much more interesting for a customer engaging with your brand for the first time, and sets the tone for the rest of their shopping experience

  • Creates consistency of décor and design: a perfectly curated window decal can finish off your store’s overall interior and exterior design, adding that extra flair you were looking for (the cherry on top, if you will)

Desk Wrap
Nikon Head Office: Reception desk completely transformed by vinyl decals!

Whatever your brand and product is, adding that finishing touch of a well-designed decal can make all the difference to a customer’s experience in engaging with your brand.

Make it a positive experience and add some flair to your storefront, car or office!

Vinyl Decals
Window vinyl decal graphic for Nikon