A Tech Savvy Generation

There’s a new generation of visual merchandisers who’ve grown up with iPhone Apps, social media, texting and tweeting. And they are bringing this knowledge to in-store life, with exciting programs that bridge the world of mannequins and window displays with the world of digital technology.

An increasing number of today’s young professionals see their job as strategic marketing – promoting the essence of their brand whether it’s a department store chain, a line of apparel or a sports venue.

They don’t see it as selling a sweater; they see it as selling an idea. Visual is no longer just about what product you’ve decided to put a focus on, but what story you want to tell.

So, how can you incorporate this into your displays?
Advertise additional promotions, discounts and share product information with QR codes, encourage shoppers to access and review on social media platforms, incorporate specialty offers and revel in the opportunity to trump competitors with a new edge.

Invite the consumer into an interactive world that will remove complexity and simplify the shopping process.

Nike window:

Linking consumers to social media and Nike running challenge.

Nike Window

Fashion Campaign window:

Linking consumers to a look book of the latest trends and styles for the brand.


Give a gift window in NYC.